ADICOMP was founded in 1998 and operates in the compressed air and gas production and treatment field.

It developed very soon its biogas and renewable energies business unit in which became market leader. The experience of its designers in the continuous research into new ideas, advanced applied technology and flexible production allow Adicomp to optimally satisfy different market demands and supply innovative products and customized solutions.

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In order to be close to its customers, Adicomp has built a widespread support network with engineers who provide a customer-oriented service with professionalism and expertise. The certifications acquired guarantee the quality of Adicomp work procedures, in compliance with international standards, from design to complete installation and commissioning, including a comprehensive after-sales technical support.


Adicomp srl

Via Scotte, 8
36033 Isola Vicentina, Vicenza – ITALY
Tel. +39 0444 573979


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