ECOMEMBRANE has been working from 2000 in the environmental field and in the green energy production. The core business is related to the project and production of high tech components for the biogas powered plants. The factory, with his unique production system lines that work special plastic membranes, builds anaerobic digesters cover domes and constant pressure gasholders, that are one of the main plant components necessary to allow the use of the biogas for the electric and thermal energy production. ECOMEMBRANE, has developed in Italy and Worldwide a great number of biogas production plants from the anaerobic digestion of dairy farm manure or urban and industrial sludge. The product range is wide and complete: Gasholders on solid base, Gasholder Domes on liquid filled tanks in substitution of the metallic bell gasholders, Floating Lagoon or Tank Covers of any dimension, Smell Reducing Covers for sludge tanks, Membrane Sealing of ground basins, Flexible Tanks for Liquids, etc..

PROGECO deals with the design, manufacture, supply and installation of equipment and systems for combustion treatment and utilization  of biogas from Waste Water Treatment plants, zootechnical and food industry anaerobic digesters.  The goal of the Company is to provide its Customers with the best technology available for the required tasks through the use of innovative and cost effective design

Savio has been dealing with air treatment, gas  and  biogas transportation ever since it was founded in 1945. Initially, it produced simple industrial fans and later developed more complex products as multistage biogas blowers and more complex systems like filtering systems, de-dusting systems, wind tunnels. All our products are totally designed and manufactured in the full respect of a long environmental tradition. 

Dedicated technology for processing livestock slurry, biogas, and civil/industrial effluents We design and construct machines for the processing of livestock slurry, biogas, and civil/industrial effluents. Thirty years’ experience, first in the processing of livestock slurry, and then extending with time into the biogas and industrial sectors, enables us to provide our customers with an extremely Reliable and Professional Service. Our flagship products are our separators, chopper pumps, and mixers. Our products are manufactured entirely at our sites in Correggio (Reggio Emilia, Italy).

Adicomp was founded in 1998 and operates in the compressed air and gas production and treatment field. It developed very soon its biogas and renewable energies business unit in which became market leader. The experience of its designers in the continuous research into new ideas, advanced applied technology and flexible production allow Adicomp to optimally satisfy different market demands and supply innovative products and customized solutions. In order to be close to its customers, Adicomp has built a widespread support network with engineers who provide a customer-oriented service with professionalism and expertise. The certifications acquired guarantee the quality of Adicomp work procedures, in compliance with international standards, from design to complete installation and commissioning, including a comprehensive after-sales technical support.

As an Italian company belonging to Gruppo Luci, Labiotest operates in the field of air treatment all over the world. Founded in 1987 as a laboratory for chemical analyses, Labiotest gradually specialized in innovative and effective solutions controlling odours and enhancing air quality. Labiotest provides highly advanced technologies that may be built in easily: Labiotest strong points are its range of offers and a long experience, both factors allowing for effective actions in any condition whatsoever. Labiotest consolidated its position as one of the top companies in the world for its work methods, available technologies and qualified staff. Labiotest follows its clients at every step, from the moment the problem and criticalities are to be defined, up to the implementation of solutions until expected results can be evaluated. Labiotest knows that a good quality air is the result of careful analysis and tailor-made solutions. Labiotest guarantees its solutions by complying with the parameters defined by the European Regulation regarding the measurement of odours, as of Directive EN 13725.